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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Promote SFI Text Ads on TE and Ad Exchange Sites

You will have the opportunity to submit/post Text Ad on most Traffic Exchange sites BUT  the form is shorter than our text ads, so You will need to create a catchy title and where allowed, You can add emojis too.

You will find ads and gateways in Your SFI Marketing Center, TOP Home page Navbar, drop down menu
Marketing Center Aids

[b]Gotta JOB[/b] (Just Over Broke)? 

Trade it in for a YOB (Your Own Business)!! You'll love the money...and the boss is pretty nice, too: [/b]

too long  !  

Example text Ad that is suitable for TE sites>

Text > Gotta JOB  - Trade for YOB
URL> ADD Your SFI Gateaway link

[b]Important > Do NOT promote TC gateway and product links![/b]

You must use ads from Marketing Center , higher levels can  create ads and submit them for SFI approval first!

Ad posting Example>

Join  Submit Ads4Free 

 * use gmail to sign up, wait for Welcome mail and confirm Your registration

* login and  read info to get started, scroll down and in the  middle of the Home page 

You'll see>

Important Links & Information

Click  👇

Forever Free Text Ads

Free membership allows for 1 forever free text ads. You can delete at anytime and fill up another. These ads will run in many different locations throughout the site.

Next is submission form!

TEXT > enter short Text Ad

TARGET - enter Your SFI gateway 

Thats all !

No credits are required  for this type of Ad.


This is very unique  advertising site so take some time to surf, win prizes and get some signups too!


Not affiliate ?  

Welcome to SFI Aff Network

Aff Team Help > Chat, Team mail


Promote SFI Banners and Gateways FREE

 Special, time limited offer for all SFI-ers!

Promote SFI Banners and Gateways FREE

Simple steps>

#1 join Ultimate Downline Club  - promo code > freevip

use gmail to sign up. You will get Welcome email with link to confirm - very fast - if not, check out Spam  and mark it as no spam.

#2 login , follow on site steps!

OTO - one time offer for paid upgrades > SKIP them All!!!

scroll down to the bottom and click >

 No  thanks, just send me to free .....and

#3 You will see this message <


If you haven't already use promo code: freevip for a free vip 50 pak

Long left sidebar > search for Redeem promo code, listed under Advertising!





Left side, TOP > Ultimate Downline Builder CLICK to  SEE 👇

Ultimate Income Programs

SFI - Join for Free

My full referral link (Include http://)
ENTER YOUR SFI Gateway link!!! if You are SFI affiliate

NEW affiliates  - Click to join FIRST

You will find all SFI gateways in Your Aff Central - Home Page - TOP - Marketing

#4 Left sidebar - Scroll down   > Members!

Edit My profile

EDIT Profile Links !!!

Do NOT hurry! You will be able to advertise  up to 10 programs here, by Your Choice!

Get Your affiliate link>

Left Sidebar > Promote and Earn. affiliate tools 

With advertising one linkYou will promote SFI and profile links, Your other ad sites and as such build YOUR downline !

Recommended !!!!

join SubmitAds4Free -  post Your Forever Free AD  for free downline club giveaway !!!

or  click on any banner posted on this blog , sites are safe and tested!   

Enter Your aff links from newly joined TEs or Ad sites 

to Your UDC* Profile listing page.

*UDC - Ultimate Downline Club

Team Promotion Leads to Success! Don't Delay, You know  that early birds  will catch the worms !


REMEMBER > do NOT promote TC gateways and product links there! 

Read ,accept and respect the rules on sites .



Post in Team Chat or send Team Mail !

Share With Your Team !

Happy Advertising and 🍀

Monday, May 30, 2022

Free VIP Membership - Limited Offer

 Free to join advertising site with special offer for new members>

promo code > freevip

50K ad credits and amazing offer

 for SFI affiliates


  Build Your Downline

 enter Your SFI gateway link  ! in member's  area

Set up Your details and profile page - check out 

my recommended links inside.



Promote SFI Text Ads on TE and Ad Exchange Sites

You will have the opportunity to submit/post Text Ad on most Traffic Exchange sites BUT  the form is shorter than our text ads, so You will ...